This paper has the full intent and purpose of presenting a continuous positive and informative service within the confines of the space it resides within.


Statements, viewpoints and opinions expressed in articles, letters to the editor or by anonymous writers are those of that individual author and do not reflect the position of this newsletter of any affiliates that may be or become associated with this publication.  All submissions become the property of this publication and may be eligible for reprint without [the] author’s permission.

Guidelines [for submission]:

This paper will attempt to preform research, conduct interviews and gather information to create content that will inform and educate readers about the activities and events of interest to the MSOP  (Minnesota Sexual Offender Program) community and the public in general.

Not all submitted materials will be published.  Any articles meeting the principles of the paper will be considered for publication.  Articles containing disrespectful opinions, defamatory materials or sexually explicit items will not be published. The editor may edit submitted materials to bring materials into conformance with acceptable journalistic standards to the best of his ability and available space.

This paper will not publish articles pertaining to information about individual clients receiving treatment at MSOP.

All articles submitted for publication must include authors first and last name. Authors may request to have his/her name withheld from publication by submitting a written request (included with that article) to the editor.  All necessary supporting documentation must be provided prior to publication.

The editor reserves the right to submit questions for reader’s views and comments on any article published within these pages.

Deadline for next month’s submission

No later than the second Saturday of the month.  It is arrives in my mailbox the following Monday it is not being published unless its content is of extreme value to this community.  Have a friend proofread your submissions.  Do not forget to sign and date your submissions.

Letters to the Editor

Submit written correspondence to

Terry Lee Branson

1111 Highway 73

Moose Lake, MN 55767


15 second voicemail message

218 – 351 – 1900  ext  97666


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